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fun like FUN PEGGY  In this clip her farts are so deep and Powerful that she had an accident in her butt cheeks. She asks you politely to stick your tongue in there and clean it up for her!

part-3 fun like FUN PEGGY Santana is back at it! these long farts are EXTRA DEEP and BASSY! like a  MOOSE CALL or a cow going MOOOOOOOO!  deep and long and she says "sniff it" after every drawn out blast!!

FUN PEGGY would be so proud! now watch Rocsi stick that HUGE ass right in your face and blast her LONG FARTS all over your nose while teasing you the whole time! asking you "does it stink?" and telling you just where to place your nose! "between my cheeks"

fun like FUN PEGGY your STEP-MOM caught you sniffing her panties again.. BUT this time she is not mad at you and she gladly invites you so sniff her LONG MULTI-TONED farts as she puts her huge ass right in your face and begs you so INHALE her fart!

PART 2! hot like FUN PEGGY the QOF wants you to get your nose buried between her meaty butt cheeks so she can blast you away with EGGY FARTS! and most of these farts were in the 10 SECOND RANGE!

FUCKING INCREDIBLE FARTS! the farts you DREAM ABOUT! long and extra bubbly! like FUN PEGGY the QOF is a fart icon!  in this clip she is once again trying to clean and she can't stop farting!  so you must be there to sniff be she begs you to leave because she is EMBARRASSED!

having fun like FUN PEGGY Rocsi is enjoying punishing you with farts! she is farting in your face!  sticking that HUGE ASS right on your nose Rocsi has to warn you that her LOUD LONG FARTS are EXTRA STINKY today! good thing is.. the smell stays in the fabric!

PART 4! just like FUN PEGGY used to Fennixx is always making classic fart clips! Fennixx is once again ripping ONCE IN A LIFE TIME type farts! she tells you... "get behind me now so I can blow this FUCKING THUNDER all in your face!" THE GREATEST FART MODEL TO EVER WALK THE EARTH HAS RETURNED!!!!

just like FUN PEGGY this girl CAN FART!  Rocsi is one of the top farters in the game and in this clip she got CRAZY BAD GAS! in this clip she is farting up a storm while you lay behind her as she pushes out LONG DEEP MOOOOOOO from a cow type farts in your face!

Your step-mom has a really big fart she wants to blow in your face!  but you must be quick and get your face farted on while your step-dad is in the shower!

A 30 SECOND FART!  Sexy Santana Redd wanted to see if she could break her WORLD RECORD fart and right out of the gate she hits us with A 30 SECOND FART! amongst other LONG RIPS in this clip!

THIS IS PART TWO!! shaking out those LONG BUBBLY FARTS all in your face... sexy ROCSI got that thang THANGIN' blowing long BIG BERTHA TYPE farts all in your face!

Santana Redd made a compilation of her BIGGEST BASSIEST farts for you but first she tells you at the beginning of the video "Santana Redd Loves you to all my fart boys!"

THIS IS FUCKING HOT!  In this NEW CUSTOM FANTASY you and Santana celebrate your fart fetish once per week and today is the today!  Once per week she INDULGES your fart fetish and she loves it too because you kiss, sniff and worship her ass!  So both of you guys love FART FETISH DAY!  Santana tells you.....

"I love fart fetish night baby... I fart and you kiss and eat my ass.. so we will both be happy... but be careful.. I ate a lot of eggs earlier"

"oh yea.. fuck yea.. fuck fuck fuck" "smell my fart baby?? my farts smell just like rotten eggs tonight.." "oh.. my... gawd.... yes.. yes yes.... feels so fucking good getting that out"

this CUSTOM FANTASY was done for a loyal fan!  here was the script for this custom!

I am a multi- millionaire and I am looking for my own personal FART FETISH FANTASY GIRL!  she will live with me and her only job will be to fart for me whenever I want!  I would like SANTANA REDD to audition for this job... she must submit a SEXY FARTING VIDEO as an AUDTION TAPE for this job.  She must be cute and adorable and rip some of the best farts of her life!  she must prove to me, a multi millionaire that she is worthy of this coveted position!  Santana submits her AUDITION TAPE and it is FUCKING HOT!!!

THIS IS SO INSANELY HOT!!!  Santana wants you behind her on your knees while she blasts your face with LONG DEEP GASSY FARTS!  the HOT PART is as she pushes out the farts she talks and moans with every push! "fuck that feels so good coming out on your face, fuck fuck fuck (fart) yes yes yes (fart)"  she also tells you...

"just look at that.. how fucking hot does that look? imagine being back there while I am fucking punishing your ugly face"

"oh fuck.. oh fuck.. yes.. yess.. yess... fuck that feels so good coming out on your nose"

(WHAT DO THE FARTS SOUND LIKE?) well these farts were DEEP AND LOW!  BASSY.. kinda like that low toned TROMBONE sound we all love!  Santana is known for really DEEP MUFFLED sounds

THIS IS SO FUCKING SPECTACULAR!!! Watch FENNIXX fart for 2 MINUTES STRAIGHT as she attempts to sing a song for you with her ass!  you will NOT BELIEVE the sounds coming outta that booty and how LONG these farts are!! IT IS BASICALLY LIKE WATCHING A 2 MINUTE FART!!!!